Car Detailing Mistakes—and Why You Should Avoid Them at All Costs!

As we all know that Car detailing interiors and exteriors process is very important for maintaining our cars. We all detail or clean our car twice a month but still we didn’t get that kind of improvement in its looks. In this article we solve your problem regarding the same. We will tell you few car detailing mistakes- and why you should avoid them at all costs.

·Washing in direct sunlight-

It is widely accepted by most professional detailer that you should not wash your car in direct sunlight. It can harm the car paint. It also cause swirl marks in your car’s paint after washing. Detailing done in direct sunlight directly affect your car’s body and also place a water spots on it after washing and waxing process.

·Using your drying towel to remove dirt you missed during washing your car-

Using drying towel on your car to remove dirt, it directly increases the risk of scratching your car paint. Dry towel directly harm the cars body paint and increases the possibility of scratches on it. While detailing or cleaning your car you must apply a soft cloth also for removing dirt from it.

·Pouring waxes and polishes directly on the vehicle’s surface-

While doing detailing process don’t pour liquid wax or polish directly on the car’s body. This process directly affects the car’s body and also leads to dark, uneven streaks in your finish. Instead of doing this you should do it in right manner like firstly apply a small amount of liquid wax or polish on a microfiber cloth and rub it smoothly on the car surface to get a new look.

·Cleaning your wheels and tires last-

All of us were always taught to clean our vehicle from the top to down. But, this doesn’t include the wheel rims and tires. Instead of doing this you should start cleaning process with washing the tires first because most often tires are the dirtiest parts on your vehicle.

·Using dish soaps or detergents-

Dish soaps and detergents are convenient and cheap to use, but it all these are very harsh and decrease the shine of your vehicle. All these soaps and detergents are formulated to remove grease and wax but this will also harm your vehicle shine.

·Over waxing-

As we all know that the waxing give our car a new look but over waxing is also harm your car’s body paint. 

All these are the few common mistakes that we all have done once while doing detailing our car. These points will help us in car detailing processes but a professional detailing is professional. We have to give a good car detailing service to our car to maintain it well and protect it from harmful elements.